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Photo of workersFlooring Solutions provides the following services:

  • Dust-free Shot Blasting
  • Self-Leveling Underlayment
  • Colored & Stained Concrete
  • Modified Toppings
  • Moisture & Alkalinity Control
  • Epoxy Floors

Some of the manufacturers and products we specialize in:

Ardex Logo

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Ardex K-15 - Self-Leveling underlayment concrete
For use over concrete, metal, terrazzo, ceramic tile, wood and old flooring adhesive residue (including cutback), on above or below grade. ARDEX K-15 hardens quickly by hydration and drying. It will not shrink, crack or spall, even when applied in thick layers. Floor coverings can be installed just 16 hours later. Installs from feather edge to any thickness. 4,100 psi compressive strength.

Ardex SD-T - Self-Leveling concrete topping
Ideal for any commercial and retail application, ARDEX SD-T allows you the freedom to create the right flooring for that one-of-a-kind look...from natural cement gray to brilliant integral colors, luxurious inlays and creative topical stain designs. ARDEX SD-T is the right choice when design flexibility, low maintenance and high durability are a must! ARDEX SD-T Self-Leveling, Self-Drying Concrete Topping installs quickly and easily indoors over concrete to provide a hard, smooth, flat concrete surface. SD-T provides the right mix of toughness, low maintenance and high durability.

Deco Pour Logo

Deco Pour provides a self-leveling, integrally colored cementitious tarrazzo or overlayment product that can be seeded with various materials and is polished to a highly smooth finish using out patent pending polishing process. Deco Pour can be placed over concrete, wood, radiant heat and can be static disapative.

Koester Waterproofing Systems logo As a certified installer of Koester Waterproofing Systems, Flooring Solutions can provide a complete turnkey system to provide a moisture and akaline resistant slab which is compatible with most floor coverings and coatings.